We're Married!
On February 11th, we were married in a private ceremony, just the two of us, with all of you in our hearts! We are so thrilled to begin our lives together and thank you all for your love and support!
Kate & Tom




Kate and Tom

Our Story

Kate and Tom first met in New York City in autumn 2014, although Tom has no recollection of this unimpeachable fact. Their courtship officially, mutually commenced more than six months later in Paris, as courtships are wont to do. They were there completing graduate research—Tom about tech startups and Kate about the relationship between memory and the historical record. Despite their differing professional interests, they discovered that they both like fine cuisine, and soon they shared their first meal together at a McDonald's located at 1 Boulevard Séruier in the nineteenth arrondissement. Kate then led Tom on what she thought was a direct route back to the center of town, which turned into a doomed bus ride to nowhere and a woeful walk in torrential rain that was really more of a light mist. Tom protested, but less than he usually does under such adverse conditions, and Kate knew she had won him over. They decided to give it a go. And here they are: Nearly five years, four jobs, three cities, two Master's degrees, and countless trips around the globe later. They appear to be doing something right.
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